We use Western Red Cedar. (#1 on both sides, called “premium” by our mill.) It’s pretty lumber.

  • We also have clear pickets (no knots at all.)

A typical cedar fence includes:

  • 1x4x6′ DE Cedar #1 2Face
  • 2x4x8 STD and Better
  • 4x4x8 STD and Better
  • 3 1/2″ Hot Dipped Galvanized screw nails
  • 2 1/2″ Stainless Steel ring shank nails
  • High-Strength Concrete Mix

Cedar Privacy Fence Installation

  • After your old fence has been removed, we set the new posts. The first to go in are the corner posts, from which we run a string line for proper alignment of the rest of the run.
  • All posts are set a minimum of 24″ below grade in a wet mixed concrete, mounded up slightly above grade to prevent post rot. We try to keep the post spacing at 7′ on center as this has been shown to be up to 20% stronger than 8′ spans, and with Colorado winds, this lengthens your fence life.
  • When the concrete has set, another string is run from each corner post to indicate final fence height. We adjust the string until it’s where it should be, mark the posts, and then cut them. From this point on, all measurements are taken from the top of the posts.
  • The rails, 2×4 rough Western Cedar, are installed using 3 1/2″ Hot Dip Galvanized nails. We space them evenly from the top, based on the height and style you’ve chosen. We’re careful to ensure that the top rail is the straightest, as the eye will follow it.


Your cedar fence comes with one coat of Olympic brand clear sealant with U.V. inhibitors which will prevent most of the sun-streaking that comes with the Colorado Sun. Another coat the following year is recommended, but just one has been found to help dramatically. The sealant may be tinted to give the fence the slight appearance of age.

The Hardware we use

Our Vinyl and steel fence