We’re not Rolls Royce.
Or Yugo.
We Build the Camry of Fences

(And we’ve been doing it for a long time.)

The following prices are what we normally charge, per foot, for various common styles. This page is just a guide and does not take the place of an official estimate – although it gets you in the right ballpark.

The price includes: 

  • Removal and disposal of the existing fence
  • Stainless steel ring shank nails
  • Clear UV inhibiting sealant
  • Posts 7′ on center, all set in wet-mixed concrete
  • Light brush and branch clearing
6′ Dog Eared Cedar                                          $39/ft
6′ Flat Topped Cedar with Cap                        $42/ft 
4′ Three Rail Jumbo Split Rail                         $28/ft
6′ Horizontal semi privacy fence                  $46/ft


  • Steel Posts for Cedar fences (POSTMASTER) add $5/ft
  • Walk gates are $135/each
  • Wood only double gates (up to 12′) are $275 and built on 4×6″ posts.
  • These prices are good for most residential projects, in most locations. Prices may  increase for difficulty levels beyond the normal, and for smaller jobs.

The Hardware we use

Our Vinyl and steel fence